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Individual Counseling

I offer individual counseling for those 18 and older. As a "generalist", I work with a variety of presenting concerns such as grief, anxiety, depression, career indecision, management of stress, college or early career adjustment, relationship conflict, transitions, attachment trauma, and divorce. I utilize a variety of mediums to help you meet your goals, including traditional talk therapy, expressive arts and EMDR (for trauma resolution). Always a learner, I routinely seek out opportunities to deepen my understanding of the human experience and healing process and am committed to my own personal growth journey.

Couples Counseling

I enjoy working with couples at all stages of their relationships, from early in their coupling (including premarital counseling) to those seasoned by many years of togetherness. I help couples heal from infidelity, improve their communication patterns, design preferred styles of interaction, and build stronger bonds. Aligned with professional code of ethics and my own belief system, I do not discriminate and proudly support all couples who desire to learn how to love each other better. I am LBGTQ-affirming, and all couples are welcome in my office.


Dually licensed in North Carolina and Texas, I am able to provide telehealth counseling for residents of these states. I utilize a HIPAA compliant online platform and am happy to answer questions about this format. My clients have greatly enjoyed the convenience of remote sessions, and research is emerging that shows telehealth to be as effective as in-person sessions. 


I enjoy speaking opportunities, whether sharing knowledge with my professional colleagues at conferences or offering workshops to community based groups and schools. I enjoy collaborating with groups to design workshops that meet their members' needs. Please contact me for details.

Not sure what format of counseling is best for you? Please call me, and I'll be happy to discuss your options and explore a starting point for you or your family.

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